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crystal clear blue we would prefer to see. plenty of sunshine for now. make the most of it. temperatures are climbing very quickly. we have made 81 degrees now as of 9:00 a.m. here in washington. 80 in prince gorge's county, a annapolis. still mid and high 70s in the northern and western suburbs. it's going to be a very warm afternoon today. satellite and radar there, nothing to worry about as far as clouds or rainfall. just expect plenty of heat today. high temperatures around town closing in at 93, 94 degrees. depends on where you live. a touch cooler in higher elevations. good day to drive on skyline drive. it will be a little bit colder there for sure. >> in our headlines now, new overnight. two police officers hurt after their car collided with another vehicle in riverdale, prince george's county. the accident happened around 2 on riverdale road at 53rd avenue. one person in the other vehicle
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was also hurt. all three were taken to the hospital. we're still work to go bring you their conditions. in the district, police are looking for the driver who hit a teen and took off. the 17-year-old victim was riding his bike on stanton road, alabama, at 11:00 last night hit. he suffered serious injuries but they are not elaborating on his condition. in this age of cell phone cameras and youtube it's not unusual to see a brawl posted on an internet. but a fight that broke out in adams morgan is getting a lot of attention because one of the men involved in a d.c. police officer. news 4 darcy spencer has more. this video of a d.c. police officer taking down a man in adams morgan has gone viral on the internet. more than 300,000 people have watched it. it shows a man in a white tank top circling police officers in
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a crowd egging on a fight. at one point the officer appears to take a fighting stance. then he tackles the man as the crowd goes wild. jim graham represents adams morgan. he said he does not fault the percent who were being taunted but he has asked d.c. police to look into the incident. >> we can increase the police or we can do both. something has got to be done differently. >> reporter: this man, who didn't want to be identified, said he saw the end of the june 19th fight here on 18th street at belmont road. he doesn't give the police a pass on how they handled the taunting suspect. >> being a law enforcement officer you're supposed to be above it all. there's no reason why an officer should square up with something. you see what i'm saying? they get taunted every single day. so they should be used to it. there's no reason why an officer should square up, put his hands up in a fighting position against someone else. >> johnny is bartender. he says he knows the officer at the center of the fight and sai
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adams morgan. >> i believe he definitely did the right thing. he has to protect himself. if someone is causing trouble, harassing people, he has to do what he has to do. >> reporter: some of the officers who work the beat in adams morgan say they could use 15 additional officers to handle all the crowds on those busy nights. in adams morgan, darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> d.c. police have also issued a brief statement on this incident. it reads, regarding the video we are aware of it. this matter is under investigation. we cannot comment further at this time. d.c. city leaders say gambling may have been the reason behind a triple shooting in columbia heights. we were live as police investigated the scene yesterday on parkwood place in northwest d.c. officers found jimmy simmons and 31-year-old dominique barber dead. a third man was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition.
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police have not said if they have any leads on a suspected gunman. a woman in virginia recovering after falling into an old rock quarry. the woman was hiking with a man in the park in larton when she slipped. she fell 20 to 30 feet, hit the ground and rolled into the quarry which is now flooded. firefighters had to use two inflatable boats to pull the woman out. her injuries are considered serious but not life threatening. >> more than two dozen people are out of their homes after a two-alarm fire tore through their apartment building. fairfax firefighters were called to bellford drive in the mt. vernon area around 3:00 this morning. derrick ward joins us live with the latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, we are here in the mt. vernon area of fairfax county. if you take a look here, people have the unenviable task of determining what is salvageable and where they will go next.
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this is a result of a fire early this morning. now people have been getting what they can from their apartments here in the 7800 block of bellford drive. now, the fire started around 3:00 a.m. and it started in one of the units. we're told a second floor unit. but it obviously spread to the top floor unit and went through the roof. it left more than two dozen people displaced. at its height this fire went to four alarms. >> fire alarm went awe, evacuated the entire building. we have 27 people, 18 adults. and nine children that have been displaced so far. >> reporter: now, the good news, as you can see here, a truck from restoration specialist company. so they're going to start already trying to make this apartment building habitable. again, 27 people displaced. at this point no indication as to the cause of that fire.
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that remains under investigation. live in fairfax county. now back to you. >> all right. derrick ward, thank you. president obama will have a new debt reduction plan to consider when he meets with tom congressional leaders at the white house this evening. house speaker john boehner rejected the $4 trillion plan that included tax hikes. boehner said his plan is more realistic and does not include tax increases. the government's borrowing limit is currently capped at $14.3 trillion. that's expected to max out on august 2nd. greater insight into debt negotiations later this morning. secretary of treasury tim geithner will be a guest on "meet the press" with david gregory, 10:30 right here on nbc 4. a week's worth of memorial services are now in place for former first lady betty ford. the the first funeral service will be tuesday st. mark's
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episcopal church not far from the ford clinic. she will be flown to grand rapids, michigan where she will lie in repose at the museum named after her husband. and thursday a second will be hell at grace episcopal church before she is buried by her husband at gerald ford museum. she died at the age of 93. the nation's housing market may be slumping, but this may be a great time to be a home owner in our area. we'll explain why. >> and the end of an era. the final headline from one of britain's most fam
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despite eye a poor jobs report, the highest unemployment rate in six months, some expect the jobless rate to follow through next year. a poll of economists at the top 20 financial institutions show that most expect the unemployment rate to drop below 9% by the end of the year. some economists say it could drop 8.1% by the end of 2012. friday's job report show 18,000 jobs were added in june, raising unemployment to 9.2%. this morning a i new report shows d.c. is on track to be the number one housing market. the real estate firm clear capital says by year's end home prices in the d.c. region will gain one-third of the value they
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lost since 2006. nationally home prices expect to fall more than 2% by 2012. clear capital only expects four or markets to have gains this year. new york, orlando, dallas, and san francisco. in about two hours the space shuttle "atlantis" will make its final docking with the international space station. mission managers will be monitoring that procedure closely as commander chris ferguson turns the shuttle upside-down to line up with the iss. once docked, "atlantis" will deliver four tons of supplies to the station. "atlantis" is supposed to return to kennedy space center -- it's landing a final landing wednesday, july 20th. but nasa is considering adding one more day in flight to their schedule. while we've got them up there, stay as long as you can. >> especially if you know it's your last trip. if you can get one more day out of it. >> what i wouldn't give to have a view like that out the window.
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do you know how cool the earth would look from 200 miles away. >> we can make it happen. >> can we? this is my number one concern is you getting me on the space shuttle. >> wait for it. 12 minutes after the hour. >> back in two more minutes with a complete check of the forecast for today and the workweek ahead. stay with us. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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it's already 80 degrees outside our studios and it's only 9:00 in the morning. going to be a really hot day. >> really toasty warm. there's little benchmarks, 80 by 9:00, 90 by noon, those are my internal thresholds for when you know it's going to be a warm day. 90 before noon, that's when you start worrying about 100 degrees day. we'll take that off the table for now. it is going to be well into the 90s later on this afternoon. the humidity still temporarily at bay. but the humidity is really getting ready to surge back into the mid atlantic. so you should be ready for mid to upper 90 degree days. hopefully we will not have to endure that high heat and humidity for more than two and a half, maybe three days before things start to get better once again. right now, though, hazy sunshine sits around the washington region this morning. barely a breeze a blowing out
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there either. winds wasps coming south and southwest by the end of the day. 81 degrees downtown by national airport. updating our map from yesterday, 7 of the first 9 days in the month of july. and today will be one or two degrees warmer than that. seven of the first nine have been 90 degrees or higher. we're more than three degrees above average. july is our hottest month of the year. 68 degree dewpoints. those should drop into the low 60s by mid to late afternoon. kind of comfortable. tomorrow the dewpoint numbers get back to the 70 degree mark. that's the summer steaminess that none of us appreciate very much. 77 in fairfax. 75, manassas. win chest, new market, virginia, temperatures in the mid-70s this morning. panhandle of west virginia also in the mid-70s. low 80s across the southern end of the chesapeake, outer banks of north carolina. it's going to be a rain-free day
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today. and at least 90% rain free again tomorrow. high pressure works its way slowly off the eastern seaboard. we've been on a relatively dry and somewhat cooler front end of the pressure the last day or so. eventually as it moves further and further away it opens up the door to the warm and humid air down south where they have been having an unbelievable summer from atlanta to birmingham, out towards dallas and oklahoma city. a lot of those plates outpacinging last summer for a number of 90-degree days at this point in time. for us, high pressure giving way allowing the heat and humidity to move our way. there will be a very slight chance a this warm front comes through late monday night, into tuesday. we might be able to kick off a late monday night thunderstorm into west virginia, shenandoah valley. d.c. metro, no serious threat for rain. low to mid-90s. tomorrow, hot and humid again. highs in the mid-90s tomorrow. only the slightest chance for a
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shower. great beach weather at the coastline today, tomorrow, and much of the week really. our worst day of the week tuesday with a high near 98. heat index values closing in on 102, 103 degrees on wednesday. behind that, things get a little closer to average for this time of year. so we'll keep our fingers crossed and get to thursday as fast as we can. >> hold out for the first part of the week. thank you, chuck. it is time to find out what's in this weeks kids post in terms on of the summer reading list. eun yang has that for you. >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, a book about a farmer that's oh so mean, a science exhibit that's got to be seen, and a contest to end the era on the big screen. a big era. joining us once again is tracy grant of kids post. nice to see. >> you great to be with you, eun. >> your book of the week may be familiar because this was a movie that came out a couple years ago. >> that's right. our book club, which again this year is books and movies, what's
9:19 am
better. fantastic mr. fox. >> amazing. >> the mean farmer, mr. fox outfoxing. and this is reviewed in wednesday's kids post. anybody who wants information about our summer book club, it's all at >> next, a fabulous exhibit at the maryland science center. and this is always a great place to go for kids. >> maryland science center. i was just up there. it is just terrific. but this summer they are kicking off the summer of irresponsible science. >> uh-oh. >> and this is where you should do it. this is a sphere that spews out toothpaste, enough to brush an elephant's tusk. >> who is going to clean that up? a mother i'm thinking. >> kids do it at the science center. up in the inner harbor through early august. >> they are allowed to do things
9:20 am
they can't do at home. >> exactly. >> finally, a costume contest for harry potter fans. hard to believe this series is over. >> this is the last movie. it debuts on friday. we had a costume contest. a winner's art in kids post today and this is sarah, 7, with the perfectly dreamy look of professor treloni. she worked with her 14-year-old sister on this. this is alexander sue of chevy chase. a little help from his dad levitating the feather. maria collins of glenwood, maryland. if you know delores, she has captured this pu tri d professor perfectly. of course what would a harry
9:21 am
potter contest be without potter. his entire room is decorated with harry, decklan. >> the creativity is just so impress disbelief more than 100 entries. the finals at >> love it. thanks so much, tracy. for more fun family activities be sure to visit or and click on kidspost. i'm eun yang. the nationals look to stop their slide against the rockies. here's hakim dermish with this morning sports. >>reporter: good morning, everyone. former nats manager jim riggleman will interview for a job with the san francisco giants at the end of next we're. last week i spoke with his agent but did not say if it was to join the coaching staff or front office.
9:22 am
it's pups in the park night. dogs love baseball. top four, no score is where we start. jason marquis pitching to helton. he fifth the dogs a new chew lead. jimenez eight strikeouts in the games. also gets some help from the umpires. troy tulowitzki nice play. inning ending double play. mark ellis not even close to second base. that's the old neighborhood play. they called the double play. top of the eighth. 2-1, rockies. laynce nix great diving catch. throws to second for the double play. that's a legitimate double play. johnson says way to go. bottom nine, one out. tying run at third base. and oh, man. werth grounds to short. game-ending double play. werth went 0 for 3.
9:23 am
nats lose 2-1. they have lost three in a row each by one run. davy johnson describes it like this. >> like the bridesmaid i'm getting real close. but i'm not, you know, getting to the ceremony. guys battle hard. pierce played great defense. our guys just didn't get it done. sooner or later we're going to get it done. in new york, future hall of famer derek jeter makes history. hits one to left. solo home run. career home run 3,000. home run was his first at yankees stadium this season. jeter's family putting his dad dr. charles celebrating in the suite. the fan said he would give the ball to jeter. big hugs from his teammates. the 37-year-old jeter also drove in the game-winning run and finished 5 for 5. yankees defeat the rays, 5-4. jeter is the second player in history to homer fore his 3,000th hit and only the second
9:24 am
to have five hits on the same day he reached the milestone. here's the captain on his big day in the bronx. >> i've been lying to you guys a lot of time. i've had a lot of pressure on me in the first few days in new york. after i got my first hit i relaxed a little bit. i wasn't trying to do it. it's something i wasn't trying to do it. i just tried to play hard every day. if you do that, good things happen. >> what does this sound like right now? >> it's a lot of fun. >> pretty cool. jeter is the first yankee with career hits and 28th in history to reach the milestone. boston, red sox/orioles. bottom five. os intentionally walk david ortiz to load up the line for reddick. 4-0. os have lost six in a row. major league soccer now. d.c. united on the road against the new york red bulls last
9:25 am
night where dwayne derosario was facing his former team for the first time since being traded two weeks ago. riding a five-game winless streak trying to give his club a new shot at energy at red bull arena. coach ben olsen calls hill the best player in the game right now. late first half. chris pontius. gets past the keeper. open yet. but tim ream makes the save. 61st minute. check this out. andy najar with the pass. wolf, perfect fit to rosario. his first goal with the black and red. first win since may 29. golf now. third round action at the john deere classic. fairfax native steve marino started tied for second place.
9:26 am
putting for birdie. looks like it might go in. but h, man, slides right past it. shot two over 73. 10 over for the tournament but 10 back from the leader. chipping on the green. check it out. right at the hole and just misses for eagle. he leaves that for birdie. striker has a strike of 38 straight holes without a bogey. in jeopardy on 18. knocks down the 15-footer for par. the streak rolls for 39. 8 under 63. he's the leader by two strokes at 20 under par. that's your morning sports. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. time right now is 9:26. still ahead this hour, a war hero's tragic death. the terrible accident that cost this iraq war veteran his life. and it's not just glitz and glamour. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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[ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chickens. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet, no animal by-products, no animal fat. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type. it's not gonna happen.
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[ joe ] and always raised cage free. we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today. . he put his life on the line serving his country in iraq. he lost his life in his home country on a roller coaster. good morning and welcome back to news 4 today on this sunday, july sew. i'm aaron gilchrist. your news headlines in just a moment. first, though, we turn to meteorologist chuck bell for a look at your weather headlines. >> the weather headline today is
9:30 am
stay cool as best you possibly can. it's july in washington. we know it's going to be -- we know some amount of uncomfortable is coming our way. temperatures climbing into the low and mid-90s for a brief time during the afternoon today. be ready for that. outside, though, on a sunday morning. hazy sunshine getting through. nice power boat catamaran. i can't see what tour company it is. nonetheless, good-looking boat. 81 degrees. about 200 yards from where that boat sits is where the thermometer gauge is. 81 in annapolis. 81 in fredericksburg, virginia. meanwhile, a few lingering 70s on the map. quantico, dale city, manassas, northern faulkier. plenty of sunshine. hardly a cloud showing you. plenty of sun will make it plenty warm.
9:31 am
high temperature 93. sun goes down at 8:35 this evening. out on the chesapeake bay, 89 degrees on the bay today. bay water temperature, 80 degrees at the thomas point light. in the 90s tomorrow as well. if you're going down to the beach, 74 degrees is the ocean temperature now. that is where you want to be. >> tie you to that chair. i'll be here as far as you know. >> thank you, chuck. >> all right. . this morning we are learning more about the iraq war veteran killed in a terrible roller coaster accident in new york. sergeant james hackemer lost his legs in iraq but lost his life doing something millions of americans do every summer. >> reporter: he was a decorated hero from the war in iraq. two tours of duty. but when 29-year-old sergeant james hackemer came home in 2008, he lost both of his legs in a roadside bomb attack.
9:32 am
>> it has been a miracle. >> reporter: he had been work to go rebuild his life as a son, husband, and father of two. his family was profiled by nbc's buffalo affiliate wgrz shortly after he was injured. >> he loves life. he really loves his family. >> reporter: following years of rehabilitation, hackemer went friday to the darien lake amusement park outside buffalo with friends and family. he wanted to try the ride of steel and climbed into the front seat. it reaches a height of 208 feet and speeds topping 70 miles per hour. after coming off one of the steep, sharp hills, hackemer was thrown from the ride plunge to go his death. >> the most we can tell right now there is nothing mechanical wise that would have caused this accident. >> according to his mother, he had recently returned from walter reed with a new set of prosthetic legs. she added he was assisted onto the ride and was doing what he wanted to do.
9:33 am
>> currently investigating the situation with our safety experts and local authorities. meanwhile, the attraction and the surrounding area is closed pending the investigation. >> reporter: the amusement park released a further statement saying we are all brokenhearted by this tragic accident and will continue our support of both the family and the investigation. hackemer's aunt said it was tragic he survived the war in iraq only to die in an amusement park. kevin tibbles, nbc news, new york. today the dalai lama is holding his fifth day of worship for world peace here in d.c. he's leading morning prayer at the verizon center. he held a public event yesterday on capitol hill. it included a star-studded service with whoopi goldberg and schuyler grant. >> try to create calm mind.
9:34 am
peace of mind. and that then creates within our own family, within our own community. that's the way to change our society. >> the dalai lama's visit has come with some controversy. after his meeting on thursday, china warned the u.s. to stay out of its affairs. he denies china's claims that he supports violence for an independent tibet. two small planes were intercepted over camp david this weekend. nor rad said one was out of radio communication around noon yesterday when it crossed into restricted airspace. two f-15s were scrambled and escorted the plane to a nearby airport. the second had to be escorted around 7:00 p.m. in the last month, two other incidents in camp david airspace while president obama was at the compound. japan rattled this morning after a magnitude 7 earthquake
9:35 am
shook the country four months after a devastating quake and tsunami. it hit on the northeast coast prompting residents and the damaged fukushima nuclear plant to be evacuated. a tsunami warning was also issued. so far no damage has been reported from the tsunami or quake. the fukushima nuclear plant lost power but so far no reports of any additional damages at the plant, still struggle to go keep its reactors cool. thank you and good-bye. that is the final front headline readers will see from the scandal-ridden news of the world. the 168-year-old paper is closing its doors after reporters hacked cell phones of the families of dead soldiers and paying police for information. the front and back pages feature a collage of past scoops and news. it has an apology to the paper's 7 million readers. >> this is not where he wanted to be and it's not where we
9:36 am
deserve to be. but as a final tribute to 7.5 million readers, this is for you. >> the owner of news of the world, media magnet, rupert murdoch, will fly to london today to deal with the scandal personally. day one included a walk on the red carpet and a high-profile charity polo match. nbc's gina kim shows us the turnout in hollywood for the couple's first u.s. visit. >> reporter: a royal visit to tinsel town wouldn't be complete without a walk down the red carpet. saturday night some of the biggest turned out in front of the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> i would not be here if it were not for the royal aspect. that was the honey to my bee. >> this is fantastic for england and for all the new talent here tonight.
9:37 am
>> by far the most glamorous event the royal couple hosted the british academy of film and television arts brits to watch in downtown los angeles where up and coming british talent are introduced to hollywood's movers and shakers. >> when the american and british get together, magic happens. let's continue the winning formula. >> reporter: earlier saturday they were helicoptered into santa barbara where the prince showed off his riding shots against an american team that raised money for his family's charities. the prince's team won. the stars were shining there too as celebrity chef delaurenitis prepared a $4,000 a plate luncheon that included the couple's favorite foods.
9:38 am
>> i think they would be proud of who they are and how they represent themselves and their titles. >> so far kate hasn't made any public remarks. that could change sunday when she makes two more appearances in l.a. gina kim, nbc news, los angeles. today the royal couple visits the l.a. urban a area of skid row and attend a job fair for u.s. troops transitioning to civilian life. it is 9:38. he may look like a typical man to you and me but this man is definitely a super hero to these three children. the happy ending for these siblings in wednesday's children. how many miles this guy racked up on a single airline.
9:39 am
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freddie mac and metropolitan council of government toss help find loving homes for wednesday's children. when we met this morning's wednesday's children a year and a half ago we knew there was something special about them, and so did someone else. the man who ended up adopting  them. this is one of my favorite stories. barbara harrison has the story of three siblings and their new dad. >> meet the hall family. the whole family. >> hi. >> good to see you. my goodness. you guys remember the last time we were here? >> yes. >> do you remember what we did? >> yes. we were playing video games. >> the last time we were here at best buy with the kids they were
9:42 am
on wednesday's children. a sibling group hoping to find a loving family to embrace them all in a forever home. a year and a half later we're back and this time with their brand-new dad who they are thrilled to have. and they loved hearing him introduce them as -- >> my children. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> in the past, anthony hall had done temporary foster care for more than 50 kids. he had adopted one who is now grown up. and then he got this call. >> they said these are younger kids and i normally work with older teenagers. and i was open to the new idea of working with younger young men. two days later they said, well, there's one more circling, a girl. i had fostered over 52 boys and adopted but never had a little girl. so it was a little scary at first but i think that's the best thing ever for me. >> it started as fostering but
9:43 am
within days of their arrival, anthony knew these kids were there to stay. >> when they first came in malik followed me all through the house, wouldn't let me out of his eyesight. i think the second day demetrius asked if it was okay to call me daddy. from there on we've been living as one happy family. >> very good person. he likes to have fun. >> these days the kids still like to play wi games. but now daddy is there. he's a dad with his hands full and loving every minute of it. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. that's the kind of ending you like to hear. if you have room in your home and heart to adopt a child, call your adoption hotline 1-88-to-adopt-me or love a happy ending.
9:44 am
good-looking family too. >> smiles all the way around on that one. >> good stuff. >> congratulations to them. examine they get to play out in the sunshine today. slip and slide. that's what they need. >> you should get one. >> you're right. but i have concrete yard. >> that's all right. i'll be back with skinburns later with a check of your
9:45 am
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9:46 is your time right now.
9:47 am
i'm rubbing my hands together because it's freeze anything there. >> it's a little contradictory. i would much rather be cold than warm. so it doesn't bother me. i have a feeling you are on the opposite side of the equation. >> a little bit. as soon as we step outside, the tie comes off and roll the sleeves up. >> temperatures zipping into the 80s in many back yards across the area. they're going to be almost all into the 90s. only a lucky few. highest terrain in the shenandoah national park or right alongside the chesapeake bay might be the only spots that make it to 90 degrees today. everywhere else inside the 95 corridor it's going to be a hot one. in the summertime it drives you crazy to see everybody out on their boat with their friends. here we are looking at it all and wondering why we didn't get the phone call this morning. i had to work i guess. a good-looking day. get the jet skis, slip and sliding, anything you need to do
9:48 am
to beat the heat. a good day for it. 81 degrees at national airport. dewpoints in the mid to high 60s. they should drift down a little bit in the afternoon. numbers back down into the low 60s. that will put relative humidity 30% to 35% later this afternoon. similar to yesterday. one or two degrees warmer and just a touch more humid. so this is the beginning of the change that comes our way in full force tomorrow. right now upper 70s and low 80s. pretty much all across the area. pretty much up and down the eastern seaboard. pretty good weather. hardly a cloud to be found anywhere around the region. high pressure will keep us sunny and hot for today. wasps this area of high pressure working its way off the eastern seaboard. more south and southwesterly flow. that brings more heat and humidity our way for tomorrow. only the slimmest chance for thunderstorms late monday night primarily down to our west and southwest. as we get into the day on tuesday with this front getting ever closer to us, i think that
9:49 am
will be our best chance for seeing thunderstorms and that little rain chance early wednesday. so for today, plain old sunny and hot. not too humid. a few spots below 90 degrees. most of us up close to 94. tomorrow, hazy, hot and humidity back. heat index over 100 degrees or slightly above 100 degrees. cool spots, 92. in town, about 97 degrees. here's the extended forecast now. it's going to be a hot and steamy start to the workweek, everybody. 96 degrees tomorrow. 98 on tuesday. 50% chance of those thunderstorms and cooling showers. may linger into the front half of the day on wednesday. that's okay with me too. rain morning wednesday will keep us out of the 90s once again. come in to or follow me on twitt
9:50 am
twitter @chuckbell4. what's the strangest wedding you have ever been to? coming up, one wedding where the beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ femalennouncer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is two months away. for the first time you can reserve a chance to see the new memorial at ground zero. tickets for the 9/11 memorial in new york will be available online starting tomorrow. visitors will get timed passes to the eight-acre memorial which
9:53 am
opens september 12th. the memorial features two waterfalls and reflecting pools where the twin towers once stood, surrounded by engraving of the names of those who died. pakistan could lose $8 million in u.s. military assistance according to unnamed sources from the "new york times". administration wants to fight militants more effectively. they expelled several u.s. forces in recent weeks. the military aid includes equipment and training. sources told the "new york times" military assistance would rule when pakistan proves its commitment to counterterrorism efforts. the new defense secretary said defeat is in reach. he made the statement to reporters on a flight to afghanistan. he said new intelligence, air strikes and the killing of osama bin laden have all but paralyzed the terrorist organization. >> now is the moment. now is the moment following what happened with bin laden to put
9:54 am
maximum pressure on them. because i do believe that if we continue this effort that we can really cripple al qaeda. >> secretary panetta also confirmed that the cia joined the u.s. military in air strikes aimed at taking out al qaeda leadership in yemen. once in afghanistan he had dinner with a afghan president hamid karzai. chris matthews show follows us, followed by "meet the press". >> coming up at 10:00, the politics of the disastrous unemployment situation are terrible for this president. but in the debt talks, is the republican right wing handing barack obama. and the hard line that could deprive drive the country to default. or is it possible that the president will take the political blame if the country
9:55 am
does default even though he tried hard to compromise. michele bachmann going from 0 to 60. has the gop moved that far right? join me and bob woodward, andrea mitchell, clarence page for a great roundtable. for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here's david gregory. david? >> thanks, chris. breaking news overnight to thwart a compromise on the debt ceiling as john boehner abandons a reduction package. later today, a rare sunday negotiating session with the president and congressional leaders. we'll get a preview where the white house stands now from treasury secretary tim geithner live this morning. meet the candidate series continues with tim pawlenty. can he raise the money to break through the unsettled republican field? it is all ahead this morning on a busy "meet the press". you know, some people travel
9:56 am
a a lot for work. others joke they live on the road. and then there's tom stucker. he has flown more than 10 million miles on united airlines. united honored the chicago-based automotive sales consultant for that feat yesterday where else but o'hare international airport. others were invited to an exclusive party when they got to gloating. i don't know if they got anything free. >> he has all the benefits he needs if he has 10,000 miles. before we go, check out the wedding that went to the dogs. no, it really went to the dogs. take a look here. the four-legged friends took it a bit farther. as chuck bell said earlier today the dogs gave their bow vows. >> i like that one. >> many were decked out in wedding dresses and tuxedos as they walked down the aisle there. they made it official by putting their paw prints on their marriage licenses.
9:57 am
>> they drank their toast out of the water bowl. >> yeah. >> good for them. all the best. >> i could help fix it up. he hasn't spoken a word. >> your dog is keeping silent on that one. >> 15 years, not a word yet. >> confirmed bachelor. that's it for news 4 today. our weekday team is back tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. thank you and good-bye. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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